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Električni Skiro MicroGo (Bela)

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MicroGo je vrhunski električni skiro, zajema mnoge napredne lastnosti zato postaja prodajni hit v letu 2021. Ima velik in razločen ekran, ki vedno prikazuje hitrost in nivo baterije, pod ekranom pa je USB vtič za polnjenje telefona. Preko Bluetootha se ga lahko poveže s priloženo aplikacijo. Izbiramo lahko med tremi načini vožnje. Končno hitrost v tretjem načinu (S mode) ima omejeno na 31km/h. Dodatna prednost je amortizer sprednjega kolesa. Skiro se zloži na nov inovativen in zelo varen način, ki krmilnemu drogu med vožno vedno omogoča polno stabilnost. Vizualno je atraktivnejši, v prometu je varnejši tudi zaradi blue floor led lights . The main light bulb, however, is more powerful than most competing models.

Delivery time is from 1 to 7 days from the received advance payment, it is sent by  DHL  or  GLS  or  UPS  from the Slovenian or European warehouse, depending on the stock.

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MicroGo – Top electric scooter

MicroGo is a top city electric scooter that, in addition to its basic features, also includes many advanced features, which is why it is becoming one of the most popular electric scooters. It has a large and distinct screen that always shows the speed and battery level, and there is a USB plug under the screen , so your smartphone can be charged while driving. It can be connected via Bluetooth to the included application , where you can change settings such as cruise control, top speed, front and rear lights, and at the same time you can always check the number of kilometers. You can choose between three driving modes . The final speed in the third mode (S mode) is limited to 31km / h, but due to good accelerations it can reach it in just a few seconds. An additional advantage is the front wheel shock absorber , which prevents major vibrations. The scooter folds in a new innovative and very safe way , which always gives the steering column full stability while driving. It is more visually attractive, it is safer in traffic also due to the blue LED floor lights installed on the sides of the scooter. The main light bulb, however, is more powerful than most competing models.

Comfortable ride with Honeycomb tires and shock absorber

The basic model is fitted with the best Honeycomb solid tires, the advantage of which is that they are never damaged, the tire never cracks, and at the same time they do not require any maintenance. The front shock absorber also ensures a more comfortable ride. The scooter frame is very strong and made of durable and lightweight Aluminum Alloy material , so the maximum weight of the user can be up to 150kg (for a full speed of 120kg). For lighter users, however, this means the advantage of a longer ride before the battery needs to be recharged.

Large and clear screen with optional USB plug

The screen is clear and bright with large numbers . So it always shows the current driving speed as well as the battery level and any bluetooth connection. The speed is displayed in kilometers per hour , and can be adjusted to miles per hour if desired. The MicroGo is one of the only scooters on the market that has a built-in USB plug. This allows the user to charge a smartphone, powerbank, power GPS and the like while driving.

Triple scooter lighting

Skiro is triple lit. The front at the top (below the screen) has a larger and stronger LED light , which is more than enough to illuminate the surroundings when driving at night. Compared to many other electric scooters, the brightness on the MicroGo is the best.
Additionally, the bottom of the scooter is illuminated , with attractive blue LED lights . Due to this feature, the user is not only more visible in traffic, but also boasts a much more attractive scooter than the classic ones.
The rear of the fender, on the other hand, has a larger red brake light , which only comes on when braking or when the headlight is switched on. However, these settings can always be controlled or changed by the application.

A bouncy and economical brushless motor

This electric scooter is powered by a new generation 350W brushless motor, which offers the user high accelerations, high final speed and the possibility of driving uphill. At the same time, the engine is economical, so despite the good features, the battery does not discharge quickly.

Battery, charging and range of the Microgo scooter

In practice, the battery charges very quickly. Usually as early as 3 hours , although the specifications state a charging time of 3-5h. This is enough for 25 to 35 kilometers before the scooter needs to be recharged. The range depends a lot on the weight of the user, the chosen driving mode, flat or hilly terrain.
Note: The battery may discharge faster in extremely cold conditions (in winter when it is below 0 ° C, the range is lower). This is normal and applies to all scooters on the market.

Three driving modes

Before or during driving, the user can choose between three driving modes by pressing the main button on the screen. The first mode is economical, with the scooter being slower and more economical, the second mode is the classic “drive mode”, which is suitable for everyday use, and the third mode is the fastest S mode.

Double braking – the most effective way of braking

The user has two ways to brake.
The first is braking with a classic brake lever on the balance, which brakes the rear wheel or the rear wheel disc .
Another way is an e-brake (button located on the left) that brakes the front wheel engine .


Motor power : 350W
Voltage : 36V
Charging time : 3-5H
Range : 25-35KM
Maximum speed : 31km / h
Battery : 7,8Ah
Material : Aluminum alloy + ABS + PC
Operating temperature : 0-40 ° C
Lighting : LED front, LED bottom, brake light
Net weight : 15KG
Braking : E-brake + Disc-brake
Shock absorber : Yes, front
Optional : USB plug

In the MicroGo kit you receive

  • Electric Skiro MicroGo
  • Safe cardboard and styrofoam packaging
  • A set of tools
  • Instructions for use

Footnote. The new scooter has cruise control included. New and untrained users may be confused by this, so we recommend turning off the cruise control with the help of the app before using it for the first time.

Delivery time is from 1 to 7 days from the received advance payment, it is sent by  DHL  or  GLS  or  UPS  from the Slovenian or European warehouse, depending on the stock.

Vrhunski mestni skiro MicroGo nudi številne prednosti.
  • Osvetlitev
  • Velik in razločen ekran
  • Amortizer
  • Hitrost in domet
  • USB vtič za polnjenje
  • LED luči (spredaj + zadaj + dno)
  • Dvojno zaviranje
  • Če uporabnik želi gume z zračnico, jih je potrebno dokupiti posebej

Dodatne informacije

Specification: Električni Skiro MicroGo (Bela)


13 kg

Dimenzije (zložen)

108×43×49 cm

Najvišja hitrost

30 km/h


30 km

Čas polnjenja

3,5 ure

Tip zavore

elektronska + disk

Tip gume

8,5 col

Vgrajene luči




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