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Mankeel 10-palčni MK006 električni skuter z zračnim kolesom z aplikacijo

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The Mankeel 10-inch electric scooter with the MK006 air bike was designed by Porsche. Frame and black and silver, scooter without exposed wiring. The frame is made of high-strength, lightweight and aircraft aluminum alloy and has an elegant appearance. It can be folded quickly and easily for transport, convenient for bus rides. You can put it in the trunk.

Advantages of the MK006 electric scooter


1) Designed by Porsche team, sleek look
2) Clean and nice, all cables are inside


1) Powerful motor (350w), excellent climbing ability and fast acceleration
2) Long distances (20-25 km)
3) Top speed (25 km / h), five times faster than walking


1) One-button operation, easy operation
2) Cruise control available
3) Multi-purpose display showing speed, driving mode, battery level
4) Quick design, 3S only
5) Can be loaded into the boot
6) Super light ), easy to use


1) Double brake (electric + disc), greater safety
2) Front light, rear light and side lights provide visibility and safety


1) 10-inch puncture-resistant tire and shock absorber offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even on poorly paved roads


10-inch Porsche design scooter
Speed: maximum 25 km / h
Weight capacity: 100Kg
Rated motor power: 350W
Battery: 7.8 Ah
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: volcanic gray metal
Travel range: 35-40KM
Rating: approx. 18 °
Waterproof class : IP54
Brake: tire: 10-inch tire
Disc brake + EABS
Rated charger power: 84W
Rated input voltage: AC 100 / 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Rated output voltage: DC 42V
Charging time: 5 hours
NW: 14.5 kg (batteries included)
Available product size 1130 * 580 * 1090mm
Folded size 1130 * 580 * 467mm
Package size in the sample: 115 * 53 * 21cm


Videoposnetki: Mankeel 10-palčni MK006 električni skuter z zračnim kolesom z aplikacijo

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