Odsevne Nalepke Komplet (Bela/Bela/Rdeča)

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The most popular Xiaomi ski stickers right now! Especially suitable for Xiaomi M365 and other models. They are available in many color combinations . They make the scooter more attractive , protect it from scratches and offer better reflection – visibility of other drivers in traffic day and night .


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Reflective Stickers Set (White / White / Red)

Reflective Stickers Set (White / White / Red) are the most popular ski stickers right now! They fit perfectly on Xiaomi M365 scooters as well as many other models. There are many different color combinations on offer, so each user can choose exactly the color combination that suits them best. Electric scooters look much better after installing stickers. The stickers are also great for preventing scratches or abrasions on the scooter, as the stickers can be replaced again after a while if desired.

Higher driving safety

Electric scooters are quiet and in many cases darker in color, making them harder to spot by other vehicles at night. By installing these stickers, however, your scooter becomes much more visible both during the day and especially at night , so the stickers offer higher driving safety .

Strong glue and good quality

Reflective Stickers White White RedThe sticker sticks very strongly to a plastic or metal surface, so there is no fear of it ever coming off. It also tolerates rain, hot summers and cold winters . Until the user decides to replace the label, it will remain in place.
Our team is aware of what labels are, so we always package them so that they do not get damaged or crumpled during shipping.

Installation Procedure Reflective Labels Kit (White / White / Red)

The process is very simple and suitable even for beginners.

  • First, clean the surface that is the place of the sticker with water, then dry the surface
  • To make installation easier, use scissors or a knife to carefully separate the stickers for the right and left side.
  • First, remove the transparent foil on the side that will be glued to the surface
  • Press the sticker well with your hand or a cloth so that it sticks well to the surface
  • Carefully and slowly remove the other part of the transparent foil, which took care that all the labels are nicely aligned
  • We enjoy riding the “new” scooter
  • The stickers are also suitable for the scooter from our MicroGo offer

Reflective sticker kit contains

– 4x stickers, for the lower right side
– 4x stickers, for the lower left side
– 4x stickers for the main pole left side
– 4x stickers for the main pole right side

Several color combinations are possible. You can choose between Red, White, Blue, Yellow and all combinations for multi-colored stickers.

We send daily with  Pošta Slovenije  or  GLS .

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